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Dot Nine Solutions offer a range of ecommerce, web development, application development and design services.

Everything we produce is based on the principles of successful planning, solid design, best of breed technology and fanatical support.

eCommerce Development

Our developers have been building eCommerce systems for the last 13 years so it's fair to say that we understand what it takes to produce a successful online store.

Our eCommerce solutions are scalable and feature rich, providing you with the tools you need to successfully merchandise your site, run marketing campaigns and engage with your customers.

One of the most important aspects of our system is its flexibility. Whatever your business requirements are, we can configure and adapt our platform to suit them, be it integrating with your existing ERP, CRM, WMS or POS system, communicating with direct despatch suppliers or simply customising your email templates.

Dot Nine Commerce benefits from an ongoing agile development programme and clearly defined software roadmap thereby ensuring that we always remain one step ahead of the competition, as do our clients.

eCommerce Development
Web Development and Design

Web Development and Design

Producing a site with fantastic features is all well and good but if it doesn't look appealing and present an intuitive user interface then all that hard work can be lost. At Dot Nine Solutions we have the expertise to marry form and function.

We can create complex online systems of any description from CMS driven websites to provide your company with a web presence to corporate intranets and self service customer portals.

Our focus is primarily on the Microsoft .Net stack although we regularly employ a variety of related technologies to provide advanced user interfaces, reporting and integration features.

Mobile Development

There are now 82.7 million mobile phone subscriptions in the UK with 94% of the adult population owning/using a mobile phone. With statistics like that it's easy to see how important catering for mobile devices is when considering your online stores, sites and applications.

We do understand the importance of mobile development and can provide you with the best options to suit your business requirements. For some, the correct route to follow will be a responsive site where the design and content remains consistent across all devices and is simply re-scaled according to the capabilities of the device in use. Try viewing this site on a PC/laptop and then on a mobile phone for a responsive demonstration.

Under other circumstances, particularly eCommerce sites, a mobile specific solution may be best where a dedicated mobile framework is used to produce an optimised user experience.

Mobile Development
System Integration


Integration to existing systems is frequently at the heart of the business solutions we produce. The architecture of our Dot Nine Commerce platform lends itself perfectly to integrating with a variety of third party systems, be they for stock management, product management, order processing, reporting, CRM or multi-channel retail POS operations. Should there be a requirement for integration to your own legacy systems then we can also support this.

We have also fully integrated with a host of payment service providers (SagePay, Datacash, Cybersource), PayPal, Amazon Seller Central and eBay, Facebook and Twitter and Google for both analytics and product feeds.

Dot Nine Solutions can also work as system integrators on your development projects for Fredhopper, an enterprise class search and merchandise tool, either connecting it to your own eCommerce platform or providing our own.

Application Development

The development team at Dot Nine Solutions have a wealth of commercial experience in building mission critical business software and have worked in a diverse range of industries including healthcare, fashion, printing, retail and nuclear.

We are capable of producing desktop and database applications, windows and web services and combining these where appropriate with our online platforms to provide true enterprise level solutions.

Our applications have previously been used for fulfillment operations, warehouse management solutions, to connect legacy systems in a service oriented architecture and to facilitate corporate retail operations at major football grounds.

Application Development